Donation Drive

donation drive

Welcoming Falls Church is will welcoming at least five refugee families to Falls Church in the coming year–and hopefully more. We are looking for donations for furniture. Given our limited storage space and volunteer availability, we only pick up at certain times and we are only able to take items that we know our refugee families will need. We are looking for items like couches, dining room tables, side tables, dressers, etc. We do not take mattresses or box springs. To pledge specific items, email Mark Kawar the Welcoming Refugees Logistics Lead to volunteer items.

We are so grateful for the response of the community to our Donation Drive effort to collect household goods and furniture, and also the volunteers' responses, from donating garage space to reaching out and securing donated storage space at CubeSmart!

We cannot make this happen without all the volunteers who help us with picking up and moving furniture.

Please watch this space - and we'll let you know in our newsletter, if you're signed up there - for information about future Donation Drives. We appreciate the community coming together to support newly-arrived refugee families and will follow up on this for other families too.

Thank you for helping us welcome families to Falls Church!