About Welcoming America


Welcoming America is an Atlanta-based non-profit organization that encourages local initiatives to welcome immigrants and refugees to communities around the country. A growing number of communities recognize that being welcoming leads to prosperity for all. Launched in 2009, Welcoming America has spurred a fast-growing movement across the United States, with one in eight Americans living in a welcoming community. A non-partisan organization, Welcoming America is proud to support the many local governments and civic partners who lead efforts to make their communities more vibrant places for all.


Welcoming America values hospitality, opportunity, diversity, equality, people, relationships, inclusion, and leadership, values that many in Falls Church share. Welcoming Falls Church—a group of citizens and organizations in Falls Church, Virginia—is bringing the Welcoming America movement to our community. This work is always important, now more than ever given the noisy political debates that sometimes distract us from our obligation to our neighbors. Together we can have a profound impact in our community, and make a welcoming spirit real.


Welcoming America's unique, local approach goes beyond a single program or service. Welcoming America encourages organizations across the community to work together, to reduce the barriers that immigrants face to fully engaging in society, and to build bridges between newcomers and long-time residents. Welcoming America's social change model is unique in its holistic local focus—working with local partners—in Falls Church with public and private participants in Welcoming Falls Church—to encourage its residents to engage across race, language, and culture, in a manner that benefits everyone involved.