Partners & Supporters

Welcoming Falls Church celebrates the efforts of many like-minded people in the community to welcome immigrants and refugees. Local government authorities; community and civic organizations; churches, synagogues, and mosques; and perhaps most importantly individuals and families who befriend neighbors, acquaintances, classmates, are engaging international residents of our community and making welcoming work.

We are fortunate to live in a community where most residents profess positive sentiments towards immigrants and refugees. The Greater Falls Church area is remarkably diverse, and becoming more so, offering us all everyday opportunities for us to connect with the world, close to home.

Partners. In order to mobilize our community, we're connecting with like-minded organizations and their leaders and members. We are delighted to have entered into partnerships with the Falls Church City Public Schools and the Falls Church Education Foundation. We thank our FCCPS and FCEdF colleagues for collaboration. In addition, we are delighted to work with two organizations - Spend Yourself Food Pantry, whose goal is to help the hungry and build relationships in a warm and welcoming environment - and Comunidad, a new and locally-rooted non-profit serving the Seven Corners and Culmore communities.

Media and Podcasts. We recognize how important it is to reach the community through media and podcasts. Local community access network FCCTV filmed author Imbolo Mbue’s Fall 2019 talk, the Falls Church News-Press has written about us (see here), and Falls Church resident Erin Keating has created a great podcast about books, Three Way, that featured Imbolo Mbue’s talk (see here) and will regularly feature other books we recommend. Check out Three Way here – both for books we’re suggesting to the community and generally – and thank you Erin for your support!

Supporters and Event Sponsors. We also thank the many supporters that make our work possible generally – and in particular those that helped cover the costs of bringing Behold the Dreamers author Imbolo Mbue to Falls Church for Welcoming Week 2019.

We are very happy to recognize the following donors:

Supporters ($500 to $1500)

Event Sponsors ($100 to $499)

Continued Support

We also ask if you would consider supporting us financially through a tax-deductible charitable contribution. Checks can be made out to Welcoming Falls Church, and provided to us at one of our public events, or mailed to 605 Fulton Avenue, Falls Church, VA 22046; or donate online here: